Selected Publications

All her publications will soon be available “Open Access” on the institutional repository of the University of The Andes


  • • 2010 Salager Meyer, F., and Lewin, B. The Word and the Sword: Criticism in the Academy. Peter Lang. Bern. (Proposal accepted)
  • • 2006 Gotti, M., and Salager-Meyer, F. Advances in Medical Discourse Analysis: Written and Oral Contexts, with Peter Lang. Bern
  • • 2004 Salager-Meyer, F. Reading Medical English: a Texbook for medical doctors, students and researchers. Consejo de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Los Andes y Consejo de Estudios de Post-Grado. Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida, Venezuela.
  • • 1997 Salager-Meyer, F., Bolívar A., Febres, J., and Serra, M. ESP in Latin America. Consejo de Publicación. Universidad de Los Andes. Mérida. Venezuela.


Scientific Articles

  • • 2010 Salager-Meyer, F. “Academic book reviews and the construction of scientific knowledge (1890-2005)” Linguistic and Translation Studies in Scientific Communication. Posteguillo, S., and M.L. Gea Valr (Eds). Peter Lang. In press
  • • 2009 Salager-Meyer, F., M.A. Alcaraz Ariza, and M. Pabón Berbesí “Hidden influencers and the scholarly enterprise: a cross-linguistic/cultural analysis of acknowledgments in medical research papers.” English for Professional and Academic Purposes. M.F. Ruiz-Garrido, J.C. Palmer-Silveira and I. Fortanet-Gómez (Eds.) Universitat Jaume I (Castellón, Spain).
  • • 2009 Salager-Meyer, F., Alcaraz Ariza, M.A., and Pabón Berbesí, M. “Backstage solidarity in Spanish- and English- written medical research papers: publication context and the acknowledgment paratext”. JASIST ( Journal of the American Association of Information Science and Technology ) Vol. 60(2), p. 307-317. See PDF File
  • • 2008 Hyland, K., and Salager-Meyer F. Scientific Writing. ARIST (Annual Review of Information Science and Technology ). 297-339
  • • 2008 Salager-Meyer, F. Scientific publishing in developing countries: challenges for the future”. Journal of English for Academic Purposes. 7, p. 121-132. See PDF File
  • • 2007 Salager-Meyer, F., M.A., Alcaraz Ariza and M. Pabón. “The prosecutor and the defendant: contrasting critical voices in French- and English-written academic book reviews” Language and Discipline Perspectives on Academic Discourse. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing: 109-128. ISBN 1-84718-093-0.
  • • 2007 Salager-Meyer, Alcaraz Ariza, M.A., and Pabón M. “Collegiality, critique and the construction of scientific argumentation in medical book reviews: a diachronic approach” Journal of Pragmatics (39), p. 1758-1774
  • • 2006 Salager-Meyer, F., M. A. Alcaraz Ariza, M. Pabón and N. Zambrano. “Paying one’s intellectual debt: acknowledgments in conventional vs. complementary/alternative medical research”. In M. Gotti and F. Salager-Meyer (Eds) Advances in Medical Discourse Analysis: Oral and Writtten Contexts. Peter Lang. p. 407-430.
  • • 2006 Salager-Meyer, F., Alcaraz Ariza, M. A., and Zambrano, N. “Big science, internationalisation, professionnalisation et fonction sociale de la science à travers l’analyse diachronique des recensions d’ouvrage” LSP and Professional Communication. Vol 6(1). 8-26. See PDF File
  • • 2004 Salager-Meyer, F., and M.A., Alcaraz Ariza “Negative appraisals in academic book reviews: a cross -linguistic approach” In Intercultural Aspects of Specialized Communication. Linguistics Insight Series. C. Candlin and M. Gotti (Editors). Peter Lang. 149-172.
  • • 2003 Salager-Meyer, F. and M.A. Alcaraz Ariza. “Critical referenciation in Spanish medical discourse : a cross generic approach (1930-1999)” International Journal of Applied Linguistics. 13(1), 96-115.
  • • 2003 Salager-Meyer, F., M.A. Alcaraz Ariza and N. Zambrano. “The scimitar, the dagger and the glove: intercultural differences in the rhetoric of criticism in Spanish, French and English medical discourse (1930-1995)” English for Specific Purposes. Vol. 22, p. 223-247. See PDF File
  • • 2001 Salager-Meyer, F., and N. Zambrano. “The bittersweet rhetoric of controversiality in 19thand 20th century French and English medical literature” Journal of Historical Pragmatics. 2(1). Amsterdam. Benjamin. 141-175
  • • 2001 Salager-Meyer, F. “From self-highlightedness to self-effacement: a genre based study of the socio-pragmatic function of criticism in medical discourse” LSP and Professional Communication. 1(2), p. 63-84.
  • • 1996 Salager-Meyer, F, G. Defives and M. Hamelinsck “Epistemic modality in 19th and 20th century medical English written discourse: a principal component analysis.” Interface. Journal of Applied Linguistics. 10(2). p. 163-199.
  • • 1994 Salager-Meyer, F. “Reading medical English abstracts: a genre study of the interaction between structural variables and the reader´s linguistico-conceptual competence (L2).” Journal of Research in Reading. 17(2). 120-146.
  • • 1994: Salager-Meyer, F. “Hedges and textual communicative function in medical English written discourse.” English for Specific Purposes. 13(2), 149-171. See PDF File
  • • 1993: Salager-Meyer, F. “Reading expository prose at the post-secondary level: the influence of textual variables on L2 reading comprehension (a genre-based approach ). Reading in a Foreign Language. 8 (1). p. 645-661.
  • • 1992 Salager-Meyer, F. “A text-type and move analysis of verb tense and modality distribution in medical English abstracts.” English for Specific Purposes. 11(2), p.93-115.
  • • 1991 Salager-Meyer, F. “Medical English abstracts: how well structured are they?” JASIS (Journal of the American Society for Information Science), 42 (7), p. 528-531.

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